is published by author and lecturer ROY STEMMAN

who has written over 10 books on a variety of paranormal subjects – from UFOs to parapsychology – the most recent of which are:

  • SPIRIT COMMUNICATION (published 2005)
  • REINCARNATION: true stories of past lives (UK third edition, 2004)
    also published in the US as ONE SOUL, MANY LIVES (2005)
    and in Mexico as Reîncarnarea: povestea vietilor trecute (2005)

and whose journalistic associations have included

  • Psychic News
  • Alpha
  • Prediction
  • Life and Soul Magazine


“Paranormal phenomena and spirituality are becoming increasingly significant in our troubled world, but the Internet can be a confusing place in which to wander in search of information and enlightenment. I hope that regular visitors to our site will come to regard it as the voice of reason in the fascinating and mysterious fields we examine.”

“As well as free access to current news, updated daily, and background information on a wide range of topics, ParanormalReview.com’s directory of associations and practitioners, along with in-depth book reviews, make it an essential resource for everyone concerned with the other dimensions with which our physical bodies interact.”
– Roy Stemman, August 2006