Coast to Coast with reincarnation

When I wrote The Big Book of Reincarnation I naturally hoped it would find an appreciative audience. It’s still early days, but I’m delighted to say that the media has shown great interest in the subject. As a result, I’ve already been interviewed for eight radio programmes – most of them U.S.-based – and I have another 14 interviews scheduled over the next few months. The biggest audience was undoubtedly the listeners who tuned in to George Noory’s very popular Coast to Coast AM show, one of the longest running and most popular radio shows that specialises in paranormal topics and guests. Thanks to YouTube, my appearance on the show can now be listened to by anyone with an hour or so to spare! I’m providing the link at the end of this Blog. Another guest appears at the beginning of this show and my interview starts at 0:38:45.

These interviews are a great opportunity not only to promote the book but to explain why I felt it was important to write it. Much of the evidence for reincarnation comes from researchers who have dedicated themselves to examing promising cases in great detail, interviewing numerous people who can provide testimony that verifies the claims of the subjects who appear to recall a past life, and I felt it was important to get some of that material into the public domain and open up the discussion to a wider audience.

I’ve discovered, however, that some interviewers assume I know all the answers. There are people who believe they have those answers, but I’m more cautious. I make the point that researching reincarnation raises as many questions as it answers. But looking for those answers is part of the fun.

For those who would like to hear the Coast to Coast interview, here it is:


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