Doctors testify to patient’s spirit return

Faye AldridgeA case that will challenge sceptics to find a non-spiritual explanation is making headlines in America’s media, following the publication of Real Messages from Heaven by Faye Aldridge (right).

When the author’s husband, Burke, was diagnosed with cancer in 2005, Faye expected God to perform a miracle. Both she and her husband were devout Christians. “I expressed my faith. I covered him in the word of God. I read the Bible to him every day,” she says.

The miracle she expected did not happen. Just 21 days after the diagnosis, 53-year-old Burke passed away. But a different miracle did occur.

Within hours of Burke being pronounced dead at the hospital, two members of the medical team who had treated him received a “visitation” from Burke in their own homes – before they knew that he had passed on. What’s more, the men had never met.

Dr Cushman, arms raisedThe testimonies of oncologist Dr Carl Willis and neurosurgeon Dr Arthur Cushman are included in the book and they have both testified to the occurrence in a TV news report (see video below or go the the WSMV website).

Learning that he was in the final stages of cancer, Burke made a promise to his wife that he would find a unique way to reach out to her from heaven. The website of Channel 4 carries the video of the interview and the headline story, “Woman Says Fax From Husband Proves Afterlife”, that stretches the truth somewhat. She did receive a fax, but it was from the two medical men, telling her of their surprising encounter with the spirit of her dead husband.

Dr Cushman explained: “He was holding his arms up and was surrounded by this light. He said ‘This is wonderful – and don’t ever worry about dying’.”

Dr Carl WillisDr Willis testified that on seeing Burke: “I pretty well knew what had happened and who it was – it was just amazing.”

Faye Aldridge believes her husband chose to appear to the oncologist and neurosurgeon, rather than to her, so that people would believe the story. Her book, Real Messages From Heaven tells not only her own remarkable story but “other true stories of miracles, divine intervention and supernatural occurrences”.

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