Justice from the next world?

What must it be like to survive death and then have the pleasures of the next world overshadowed by the discovery that your loved ones are fighting over your possessions?

Your choices must be pretty limited. You could try influencing their actions (if the afterlife’s rules permit spiritual interference) or just leave them to get on with it.

Now, however, American medium Robert Hansen is offering an alternative. Thanks to the TLC television network, he’s offering to mediate in such disputes by communicating with the “owner” of the assets that the family is squabbling over.

As someone who has occasionally enjoyed the no-nonsense approach of Judge Judy in the “people’s court”, I can see why this series, called Paranormal Court, could appeal to many viewers.

Some critics are not enthusiastic, however, describing the concept as “returning conflict resolution and property disputes to medieval times”.

In a preview trailer, three cases have been revealed, to whet our appetites: “A mother and daughter battle over their loved one’s gold cross; a close-knit group of siblings is ripped apart after one allegedly steals their dead brother’s car, and a mother’s inability to let go of her deceased daughter strains her marriage to the breaking point.”

The third of these is a different issue altogether, but it will be interesting to see who benefits most from this experiment: the families, the deceased, the medium or the TV company.

I can’t help feeling, however, that the owners of the disputed property should have made things a lot easier for everyone by being more specific about what would happen to their belongings on their demise.

After all, where’s there’s a will, there’s a way.

… for prisoners, too

I can’t vouch for the website that carried this report, but if FemaleFirst.co.uk is to be believed (and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t) Dutch prisons have started hiring mediums in order to put inmates in touch with the dead.

The idea, apparently, is to assist their rehabilitation one release.

Clairvoyant Paul van Bree, one of those involved, says: “I tell them that dead relatives are doing well and that they love them. That brings them peace. Big strong men burst into tears. I sometimes reveal more than a psychologist or a prison welfare officer.”

Hang on, Paul. You tell them all the same thing? Aren’t there any spirit communicators who are ashamed that their loved ones’ actions have led to imprisonment? And isn’t the occasional murderer visited by his victim?

Mind you, it could make a good TV series: “Paranormal Prison”.

Joking aside, I know a number of Spiritualists who visit prisons, not to give evidence of the spirit world to inmates but to offer support and spiritual wisdom to those who have requested visits.

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