Psychic News goes into liquidation

The National Executive Committee of the Spiritualists’ National Union has today released this statement, which is posted on its website:

Psychic Press (1995) Ltd

It is the Union’s sad duty to report that Psychic Press (1995) Ltd has ceased to trade and instructions have been given today, 23rd August, to the liquidator to take the necessary steps to put the company into liquidation.

The date of 15 September next has been fixed for the meeting of the shareholders and the creditors and the liquidation will take effect from this date. Creditors will receive notice of the latter meeting from the liquidator, who is Mark West of Berley, Chartered Accountants, 76 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 9TB, tel. 020 7636 9094.

The Board of Psychic Press and the National Executive Committee are extremely saddened and disappointed that in spite of all the efforts made it did not prove possible in the end to save the company. On behalf of the Board and the Union’s directors we would like to thank all the readers of, contributors to and advertisers in, Psychic News for their loyalty and support to the paper over so many years. We also wish to thank the staff of Psychic Press for their years of dedicated service to the company: their hard work and efforts over their time with us are very much appreciated and did such a great deal to help sustain the viability of Psychic Press in earlier years.

The National Executive Committee of the Spiritualists’ National Union. 23 August 2010

So, hopes that the company that publishes Psychic News’ could be saved from liquidation have been dashed. But that need not be the end of the story. The liquidator can now sell the business and its assets to the highest bidder and I have made clear what I and leading Spiritualists believe those assets to be. They should, as I have stated, include the newspaper’s archives, photo library and paintings of the newspaper’s founders.

Today’s announcement – with its expression of sadness and belated thanks to the Editor and staff – will be seen by many as a rather empty and hollow statement. It makes no reference to the question of assets, which has become a hot topic among dedicated Spiritualists, nor does it indicate what the SNU’s publishing ambitions might be. It will now be up to creditors, at their meeting with the liquidator in September, to ascertain whether the above mentioned assets are included and, if not, why not.

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