Reincarnation: the joke’s on me!

Work on a time-consuming project coupled with a lot of travelling has meant that I’ve not had the time to post a blog for several weeks. Which is a pity, since there’s no shortage of paranormal news about which I’d like to comment. Hopefully, I’ll catch up with some of these stories early in 2013.

The big event for me in 2012 was publication of The Big Book of Reincarnation and the biggest surprise was to see it featured on a TV comedy programme. It turned up in an episode of BBC Three’s “Cuckoo”, a very funny six-part series, set in the Midlands and featuring an American and a British comedy star – Andy Samberg and Greg Davies, respectively.

I was out of the country when it was first screened in October and returned to find emails and text messages from friends and family who were amazed and delighted to see the main character, Cuckoo, a self-appointed “spiritual ninja”, reading my book.

 Cuckoo reading Roy's book

I was able to catch the programme on BBC iPlayer and was delighted not only to see my book featured but also to find that its very amusing exploration of reincarnation perfectly illustrated the prejudices and gullibility surrounding the subject.

BBC Three is now rescreening the series and the reincarnation episode, No. 4, titled “Grandfather’s cat”, will be shown this Friday (5 January) at 21:00, and again in the early hours (01:30) of Saturday morning. If you can’t catch it then, you’ll find it on BBC iPlayer, which I believe is restricted to UK viewers. But with Andy Samberg as the star, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t soon get seen in the USA and elsewhere in the world. I hope so.

Well, this is being written in the closing hours of 2012 (during which, of course, the world didn’t come to an end), so I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that 2013 is good to you.

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